Frequently Asked Questions on Shipping Containers

Your top questions, answered.

What sizes of shipping containers do you offer?

We offer 20' Standard, 40' Standard and 40' High Cube containers.  Specialty sizes are available upon request.

Are the colors customizable? What colors do you offer?

Currently, our one trip containers are offered in beige or gray at the standard cost. We can do custom colors on used containers, and we can do any color or design you request.  We will quote any additional fees associated.

See our full list of modifications.

What type of condition are the containers in?

All containers are wind and water tight which means they won't leak and all doors and hinges are in working order. The interior floors will also be stable and fit for use. Most used containers will have rust and wear on the exterior from use.

Are all of the containers certified? Can I still use them for shipping purposes?

Any used container can be re-certified and made cargo worthy, but only new containers are certified and cargo ready. 

Can I visit the container yard to see the containers in person?

Yes, appointments can be made to visit a container yard by contacting us at 1-844-727-4269.

How do you avoid the middleman?

Shipping lines are already storing their containers in our yards for use with our trucks. When they identify one is no longer cargo worthy - we aquire them at cost and sell it to you directly from our yard. Which means no one is in the "middle" of the shipping lines and the container in the yard.

What is the typical delivery time?

4–7 business days. Please note that the delivery trucks are big. We need 100' of space to deliver a 40' container, and 60' of space to deliver a 20' container.

How do I prep for delivery?


Trucks Are Heavy

The combined weight of the truck, trailer and container can combine to be over 45,000 pounds. It's important that your delivery surface be firm and not be wet or soft to avoid sinking. If it isn’t firm enough, the driver may not be able to deliver.

The Delivery Driver Needs Some Space

The Tilt-Bed will need 40' of additional space to deliver on the ground (60' total for 20' containers), but also the air above should be clear of power lines or trees up to 16". Trucks also need room to make wide turns. Please note, if we cannot safely deliver, you will still be charged for trucking.

Make Sure the Space Is Level

The most common issue after delivery is that the doors don't open and close easily. Even though containers are all steel, if they are on uneven surfaces or loaded heavy to one side, they can twist just slightly enough for the doors not to line up properly and be very difficult to open and close.

Keep Your Container Out of Water

The cross-members are strong enough to withstand some rust, but if you set your container directly on top of an area where water will pool after a storm, that steel underneath the floor could eventually fail.

Can I use my container to export items to another country?

We can have most containers certified with a CSC Survey, which is good for one year and will allow you to use it to ship overseas.

Can I choose which container in the stack?

Yes, if you are near one of our container yards, you can come and see which containers are available for sale.

How do I know I am buying a container from someone I can trust?

When you are shopping around, and researching for your container purchase, make sure your seller has seen the container inventory he is selling you. That way you know you won't be surprised at the condition of the container when it arrives. You may get a lower price, but also may not want it on your property.

What are my options for receiving my container?

If you want to pick up your container - that’s it - no more costs from us. If you want us to have it delivered, we can deliver and will add it to your quote. Delivery costs vary based on location and distance, starting from $250.

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